Alfred Friedländer – Knight of Mahlheim

Born. 21.09.1860 in Vienna
Died. 09.04.1933 in Vienna

Austrian painter, Romantic paintings

About the artist

Alfred Friedländer was born on 21 September 1860 in Vienna the son of the Noble painter Friedrich Friedländer (1825–1901). He started his studies in 1874 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna before moving to Munich in 1881 to study at the Royal Academy of Arts under Wilhelm von Diez.

After receiving his nobility in 1889, he stayed in Munich until 1890 before returning to Vienna. He travelled to Rome where he stayed for 4 years, eventually returning to Vienna in 1901 to work as a freelance artist. He mainly created small-format, romantic landscape paintings with scenes of hunts, robberies or from the Thirty Years’ War.

In 1903 he resigned from his title of nobility and was a member of the Vienna Künstlerhaus until 1910. He continued to paint and died on 9 April 1933 in Vienna.