Outstanding musicians, who play at our events, can be found here.

Freddy Kempf
Carolyn Breuer &Andrea Hermenau
Ira Błażejewska & Sébastien Bennett
Maya Purdue
Marie Sophie Hauzel
Marie Sophie Hauzel

At busy people art, we have a lively concept using the motto Art, Culture, Culinary. Selected live music, fine wines, and culinary delights accompany the artists and their artwork. Our guests from the world of business and culture gain a deeper insight into the inspiration behind the artwork through personal conversations with the artist.

busy people art doesn’t just offer evening events, we also have events lasting several days, true to our motto Art Culture Culinary. A specially selected cultural programme in our local region expands our art-loving guests’ thirst for knowledge and experience. Museums, theatres, and other cultural highlights create an unforgettable setting for art to unfold in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

The more you celebrate in your life, the more there will be to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey

Films are a cultural asset.

Iris Berben

Louve Entertainment captures all our special moments in photo and film. In our VIP area, we share event memories with our esteemed guests. In addition, we offer film financing for culturally valuable films and documentaries under this business area.