Louve Entertainment – Videos and Film Projects

It is said that a picture says a thousand words but a video brings it all to life. Some things should only be captured on film, a medium that can be played over and over again and can last a lifetime. Reliving memories by watching videos from past events is something that everyone is familiar with.

Louve Entertainment has years of production experience when it comes to making short films or documentaries. Our team is familiar with all the aspects of filmmaking and offers advice for projects, locations, and financial advice for film costs.

Let our inspiration inspire yours.

The event video for our exhibition
“African Mystery I – The Beauty of Women”
by Dr Guido Schoeldgen.

Music by Peace Rebel Radio – Zwischenspiel

The event video for our exhibition
Expressionistic works and
“African Mystery II – The Beauty of the Wilderness”
by Matthew Owen Dyson.

Music by Freddy Kempf

The good ideas will survive.

Quentin Tarantino