busy people art offers a variety of services from reputable contacts that we have used and trusted for many years.

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Vincent Van Gogh

Framing Service

We have been working together with our picture-framing experts for over 15 years.  Selecting the correct frame and passe-partout is not as easy as you think. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing the correct frame. The combination of having the correct frame for your artwork is as important as the art itself. High-quality museum glass is important for protection and to let the art be admired by the viewer.

Frame service

Print Service

Printed material has been done by our local print service which we have also supported for many years. If good textured print quality is needed, it is always best to get it done by professionals.

Valuation Service

A good professional valuation is important when checking the authenticity of your art. In a world of forgeries and mass-produced copies, it is good to know that your work is original and worth the money that you have invested in your purchase.

Restoration Service

Restoration is an art in itself! Only highly-qualified and reputable restorers are given permission to work on our or our customers’ art.

Film service

Under this business division, we offer film financing for culturally valuable films and documentaries in addition to cinematic event recordings and the promotion of cultural film projects. Years of experience and a reputable network in the finance and financing sector combined with our expertise in film production enable us to extend our cultural activities to support filmmakers.