Else Reckort

Born 1911 in Soest
Died 1995 in Freiburg

German Artist, Expressionist, Abstract paintings


About the artist

Else Reckort was born in 1911 in Soest. There is not a lot of documentation about her early years and only a bit of information has been attained.

Else trained at the Freiburg School of Fine Arts under Hermann Anselment and Erich Hauser from 1958  until 1963 when she left to take over and manage the Freie Kunstschule.

1971 – 1995 she was a member of the Professional Association of Fine Arts and GEDOC (the oldest and Europe’s largest network for women artists in the sections: Visual Arts. Applied Arts / Art Design).  She held a teaching position in adult education at the Adult Education Center Freiburg. She stayed in Paris and made acquaintance with the local art scene, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, and George Braque to name a few.

From 1958, she turned to Abstract Expressionism, as the magical light of Provence became the goal of her painting.

1960 -1982 Creation of the painting cycle Lumière Mystique. In addition to numerous oil paintings, she worked  in the style of Henri Matisse using the grinding techniques Gouache Decoupée and Pochoir:

Else Reckort died in 1995 in Freiburg.