We are enthusiastic about the creativity and expressiveness of people who create art: those who create images and music, those who create forms and designs, those who create – perfect – words, those who create photos and films and much more. They represent different directions of expression and talent with their art form, but they all have something in common that we call “good vibes”: Good vibes by busy people art. With their inspiring vibrations and individual talents they support us in our work. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to give them a place on our website – with their blessing.

Please follow our alphabetically arranged portraits and immerse yourself in the fascinating diversity of these artists.

Simrn Aneja
Frank Bittner
Ira Błażejewska & Sébastien Bennett
Carolyn Breuer & Andrea Hermenau
Heino Burger
David Dobbs
Matthew Owen Dyson
Annette Gruber
Marie Sophie Hauzel
Freddy Kempf
Anette Lenz
Anja Listl
Dr. Elisa Martelli
Peace Rebel Radio Duo
Maya Purdue
Liza Reich
Melanie Santana
Dr. Guido Schoeldgen